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Special Journal Issue: The Philosophy of Howard Stein

Follow this link for a series of articles discussing Howard Stein’s groundbreaking work in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of physics. Some of these articles have been online for a while, but others just appeared:

A remark on ‘time machines’ in honor of Howard Stein
JB Manchak

An Examination of Some Aspects of Howard Stein’s Work
Chris Mitsch

Newton’s numerator in 1685: A year of gestation
George E. Smith

Howard Stein on sophisticated practice of philosophers/scientists
William L. Harper

Expanding theory testing in general relativity: LIGO and parametrized theories
Lydia Patton

Sensible quantum experiences: Encounters with Stein’s philosophy of quantum mechanics
Thomas Pashby

Absolute space and Newton’s theory of relativity
Robert DiSalle

“— It would be possible to do a lengthy dialectical number on this;”
Wayne C. Myrvold

Newtonian methodological abstraction
Michael Friedman

Some Philosophical Prehistory of the (Earman-Norton) hole argument
James Owen Weatherall

Some reflections on the structure of cosmological knowledge
Chris Smeenk

Newton’s early metaphysics of body: Impenetrability, action at a distance, and essential gravity
Elliott D. Chen